Michael Wenzel SAZ 2005 (Ruster Ausbruch)

Michael Wenzel


An exceptional noble rot sweet wine

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  • This dessert wine is made of Furmint and Muscat grapes (in German called Gelber Muskateller), and in some way it may recall Hungarian sweet wines from Tokaji region, although here the winemaking style is similar to the grand wines of Germany or Sauternes.

    The grapes for this wine have been hand selected and picked after they were completely affected by botrytis and almost dry as raisins. They were foot trodden and then pressed in an old manual basket press. Slow fermentation in old barrel during 6 months with a further aging in a similar one for 16 months more. 

    Only 1120 375 ml bottles were filled of this spectacular 2005 vintage.

    This is a true sweet elixir with a mindblowing acidity.

    For wine-tech geeks: 10,3º alcohol, 219 g/l residual sugar, 10,7 g/l acidity.

  • Bottle 0,75 l
    Alc. 10,5%
    Type Dulce
    Varieties Furmint, Gelber Muskateller (Muscat)
    Area Burgenland
    Viticulture Biodynamic (not certified)
    Fermentation In old barrel during 6 m.
    Aging 16 m. in old French oak barrel
    Production 1120 bot.
    Country Austria

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