Gravner + Massimo Lunardon Glass / Wine Cup (Pack of 2)



The Gravner Glass: a true piece of art, hand-blown by the famous Italian glass artist Massimo Lunardon

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  • Back in the year 2000, when Joško Gravner was travelling around Georgia looking for the qvevris (traditional clay vessels) for his winery, he was invited to try some amber wine at one monastery. He was offered the typical Georgian terracota cup, a kind of wine drinking utensil that is used since thousands of years. Joško thought it was a fascinating way to connect with the wine because of the sensation of drinking from your own hand.

    Some years later, with the help of the famous glass artist Massimo Lunardon, he shaped his idea of the perfect cup into this stemless Gravner glass.

    In general, amber (or skin contact) wines need air to express themselves, and wide glasses are the best option to use for the complete enjoyment of the wines. This specially designed Gravner glass is wide, has a capacity of 600 ml, and has two holes for finger grip. The experience of drinking Ribolla Gialla or Bianco Breg from this glass is unique! The warmth of the hand helps to warm up the wine, which should not be drank too cold. Then there is the sensation of caressing the wine just before you drink it, creating a moment of intimacy and respect towards wine.

    Even though the glass is designed to highlight the expression of Gravner's amber wines, the glass can be used to other types of wines, like white, rosé, red or even sparkling wine, or sake. 

    The cups are hand-blown, made of borosilicate glass, and might not be perfectly equal to other pieces due to their artisan manufacturing process. It is a functional piece of modern art that could make a perfect gift for orange wines lover!

    The cups come packed in a box of 2.

  • Country Italy

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