Mas Martinet Pesseroles Brisat 2016

Mas Martinet Viticultors


A magnificent orange wine from Priorat!

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  • The name of the winery Mas Martinet Viticultors is associated to high quality wines. Sara Perez, who is in charge of this family winery, was experimenting with the traditional white or, as we know it nowadays, skin contact / orange wine making for some time, and finally she came up with this beauty. 

    Back in 2002, a plot of roughly 1 hectare, located on the Pesseroles road, in the area of Falset (Tarragona, and under D.O.Q. Priorat), was planted with traditional local white grapes varieties like garnacha blanca (grenache blanc), picapoll blanc (picpoul blanc) and Pedro Ximenez... After several years, when the vines started giving sufficient quality grapes, the wine experiments started, and took a "mere" 8 years until the first vintage was sold! This 2016 is the final result of all these years of hard work through test and trial. Pesseroles Brisat is a homage to the traditional orange or skin-contact winemaking in all Catalonia.

    Organic farming, crushed licorella (slate) and limestone undersoils, special winemaking: these are the main ingredients for this magnificent single vineyard wine wine.

    Winemaking notes: all grapes are harvested at once, put into a clay pot for fermentation with the skins during a month and a half, and left for 3 months more without any punchdown. After pressing, the wine then is racked into a glazed ceramic pot and demijohns for further aging during 16 months. The field blend consists of these rough parts: 38% picapoll, 34% grenache blanc, 28% Pedro Ximenez.

    The clear glass bottle is not only a hint to those demijohns where the wine was aged, but also to it's purity. At the same time we can enjoy it's beautiful amber colour. 

    Pesseroles Brisat is a very exlcusive wine as only 402 bottles were filled of this vintage. Don't miss a chance to try a piece of history!

  • Bottle 0,75 l
    Alc. 14%
    Type Orange
    Varieties Picapoll Blanc, Garnacha Blanca, Pedro Ximenez
    Area Priorat
    Viticulture Biodynamic (not certified)
    Fermentation In amphora (clay vessel)
    Aging 16 m. in glazed ceramic jars and demijohns
    Added sulfites Yes
    Production 402 bot.
    Country Spain

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