Our Wine Club was born out of human curiosity, for the people who want to learn more and discover new sensations and horizons. This is how we bring these “great small wines” from all those alchemists who transform the grapes from their vineyards to a drink worshipped by gods. The protagonists are winemakers, vine growers, wineries or vignerons as they are called. Some of them are one-man wineries, some are small family estates, but all are small projects delivering organic and natural wines and sharing the same philosophy: a deep respect for the land.

We hope you enjoy them! Cheers!

How does it work?

Our Wine Club has 2 options Packs:

Essential Pack: you will receive a selection of 3 bottles of wines from Spain, made by great small wineries; along with our tasting video and the product sheet with general information about each wine and our tips for enjoying them in the best possible way. If you want to start discovering great Spanish wines or simply enjoy a nice sip, this Pack is for you!

Adventure Pack: you will receive a selection of 3 bottles from great small wineries, which might be bold, more experimental, or simply put, more complex. The Pack will help you to discover lesser known grape varieties, regions or winemaking methods. You will access to our tasting video and the product sheet with general information and our tips for enjoying those wines in the best way. If you are a wine lover and enjoy trying new things this Pack is for you!

And… There is an option to get a Double Pack with 6 bottles (2 bottles of each wine) at a reduced price or a Combo Pack (Essential + Adventure Pack) with a discount – you pay the shipping only once. Feel free to add any other item from our shop and save on delivery fee!

How can you get it?

You can randomly buy it straight from our shop as any other item without signing up.
Nevertheless, we recommend you joining our Wine Club for being the first to receive the updates and the Pack(s) with a click of an e-mail!

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How do I sign up?

Just sign up for our Wine Club and you will receive our newsletter about the new selection where you will have to confirm your wish to purchase it.

With our Wine Club, you only have to commit to enjoying delicious wines! Do not worry about membership fees, delivery dates, or skipping packs: you decide when and which Pack to enjoy at home!


The regular payment form is by credit card.

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